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Common Questions

When do I get my DOT Medical Certificate Card?

  • DOT Medical cards are normally given the same day as the DOT medical physical exam, unless there is a health complication that may require further testing.


How long is a DOT Medical Card good for?

  • The maximum a DOT medical card is good for is two years if you don't have any restrictions or health issues.  For instance - High blood pressure history, taking high blood pressure medications, and/or taking oral medications for diabetes can restrict the medical card to one year.


Will I be tested for drugs during my DOT physical exam?

  • No - the DOT urine screen test is to check for sugar/glucose, protein, blood, specific gravity and pH. This is done to help determine if there are any early signs of health issues.  Testing for controlled substances is not a part of the DOT physical qualifications for the driver examination process. Testing for controlled substances falls under a different regulation.


When do I get my drug test results back?

  • Negative results are normally received within 24-48 hours from the collection date; however, positive results could take anywhere from 72 hours to a week depending on how fast the Medical Review Officer (MRO) gets in contact with the donor.  

Random Drug Testing

  • Owner Operators / Drivers: Once notified of a random selection, DOT requires the driver to go directly to the collection site.
  • DER's (Contact from your Company): Designated Employee Representatives are the people who work with the collectors regarding any problems related to collection issues such as: shy bladders, refusals to test, or observed collections.  They also notify a driver that he/she has been selected for the random testing.

Post-Accident Drug Testing

When is a post-accident drug and alcohol testing required by the FMCSA?


If one of the three circumstances are involved:

  • Human fatality.
  • Citation for moving violation and bodily injury with medical treatment away from the scene.
  • Citation for moving violation and disabling damage to any motor vehicle requiring tow away.


What are the time limits for conducting the post accident drug and alcohol testing? 


  • Alcohol (2) hours, if not conducted within two hours, the employer should continue to make an effort to have the driver tested for up to eight hours and prepare and maintain, on file, a record why the test was not administered.
  • Drug (32) hours, if not conducted within thirty-two hours, the employer shall cease any attempt to administer a drug test and prepare and maintain, on file, a record stating the reason why the test was not administered.
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