Houston Random Drug/Alcohol Testing Programs

At Work Well PLLC if you are a large comany, an indiviual owner operator or somewhere in between we have a random drug and alcohol testing program suitable and tailered for your individual needs. 

                              Large Companies


                              You have the to choice to be part of our general consortium                                   group or you may choose to have your own company be in its                               own consortium group.

Small to Mid-Size Companies


Depending on how many drivers you have we have the right price for you.

Individual Owner Operators


It doesn't matter if you are a one person company or just a driver contracted out.  We can quickly help you become DOT compliant at an attractive price.

RANDOM SELECTION SERVICE - At Work Well PLLC we provide our client companies and individual owner operators with a scientificly based computerized random pool from which employee names are selected for random drug and alcohol testing.  Random selections can be done at any time the clients desire, usually monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly depending upon the size and needs of the company.  With Work Well PLLC conducting the random selections this greatly helps to defuse employee complaints concerning that the company keeps singling out specific individuals for testing, accusations of bias, and charges of discrimination based on gender, ethnic origin, religion, etc., and the random selections can be done at a very modest cost.

CONSORTIUM SERVICES - Work Well PLLC's consortium is a group of individuals or small to large businesses that form an association or agreement for the specific purpose as to comply with the Department of Transportation (DOT), and anti-drug programs.  We provide the government mandated employee random selection, drug and alcohol testing program and collection, the laboratory and medical review officer, and a fully pre-approved program that complies with all federal regulations and is approved by DOT.  The primary benefit to firms such as small trucking companies and other regulated businesses, is the greatly reduced cost by Work Well PLLC providing many services for just a small enrollment fee and testing fee, plus we monitor any changes in DOT regulations that would affect your company.  As a consortium member, you have a hassle-free program with discounted rates that lets you prioritize your time and resources.

THIRD-PARTY ADMINISTRATOR SERVICE – TPA services are a big part of Work Well PLLC's client services. We can be the sole administrator for a client’s testing program, handling everything from helping to develope (providing an example) a drug and alcohol policy, to collection and testing, to reporting, medical review officer service, all drug and alcohol records keeping, and any other service needed to completely administer the employer’s program at a reasonable cost compared to other sources.  We strongly urge that each client have their new drug and alcohol policy reviewed by their attorney.

MEDICAL REVIEW OFFICER SERVICE – MRO services are required for employers doing DOT mandated drug and alcohol testing, yet many non-DOT employers desire the use of an MRO also.  At Work Well PLLC we contract with a medical doctor board certified as a Medical Review Officer, to conduct MRO services for our clients. The MRO consistently provides quality results in a very short time period, typically the next day if results are negative.


DRUG AND ALCOHOL POLICY DEVELOPMENT - At Work Well PLLC we offer an example of a drug and alcohol policy to our clients which do not have a written policy in place for their employees. We strongly urge our clients to implement a written substance abuse policy which clearly outlines the employer’s expectation toward the potential problem, the consequences for violation of the policy by the employee, and how the problem is addressed in the event of a positive test result. A written policy is critical for the legal protection of the employer and the employee in order to avoid potential legal challenges, which can be costly for all parties. We strongly urge each clinet to have the policy reviewed by their attorney.

For more information about Work Well PLLC's random drug testing program call us at 713-670-7161 or to have a Work Well representative contact you click here! 

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