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February 1, 2016 by Work Well, PLLC

What to Expect When Getting a D.O.T. Trucker Physical

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires most commercial drivers to regularly obtain a certificate of good health from a federally-recognized physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner. These exams ensure that each driver is proven to be physically capable of driving, thus helping to foster increased safety on the roadways. A D.O.T. trucker physical can be performed by any qualified and licensed healthcare professional who is recognized by the DOT, and they are often done in a regular family doctor setting. Skim over the following information if you’re unsure of what to expect during your physical exam.

Testing for DOT Physical Restrictions

First and foremost, all people undergoing a D.O.T. trucker physical exam are screened for certain health conditions that prevent an individual from being commercially licensed for transportation purposes. These conditions may include:

• Insulin-dependent diabetes
• Vision that is non-correctable to the standard of 20/40 in either eye
• Employment drug testing for illegal, habit-forming substances such as amphetamines, narcotics or marijuana

A detailed health history form is required to be filled out prior to your exam, and all questions should be answered completely and honestly. Falsifying or hiding health history may result in serious legal consequences. You will be asked about the following health conditions:

• Neurological disorders
• Seizures
• Hearing problems
• Cardiovascular problems
• Kidney disease
• Problems with dizziness or vertigo
• Missing limbs
• Spine injuries
• Chronic pain
The Physical Exam

Make sure that your exam provider is properly qualified to perform your D.O.T. trucker physical. After discussing your health history, recording any currently taken medications and conducting an employment drug testing procedure, the exam will include:

• Pulse and blood pressure check
• Vision testing
• General constitution evaluation
• Listening to heartbeat and respiration
• Checking for spinal deformities
• Basic neurological evaluation
• Abdominal and hernia check

After completing your exam and gathering the necessary information, your medical professional will complete all required DOT forms that determine if you meet the standards for licensing. Hearing aids or vision correction, like glasses or contact lenses, may be ordered. If the examiner does not decide that you meet the regulations stipulated by the DOT, your health certification will not be issued.

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